Chi Psi Fraternity is constantly looking for volunteer support from alumni, parents, and friends in order to perpetuate these kinds of lasting memories and friendships. Whatever amount of support you can lend to the Fraternity, no matter how large or small, makes a great difference. Listed below are ways in which you can support the Fraternity:

Become A Volunteer – The Alpha Sigma Delta Alumni Corporation and Dr. Dale Educational Trust are always looking for new volunteers. Each of these groups teleconference approximately once a month. If you have any interest in volunteering your time, please send us an email.

Help Kickstart Brothers’ Careers – Whether it be speaking at a Career Day, hiring an undergraduate as an intern, or employing an alumnus, your support helps. Please email us if you can be of any assistance in Brothers’ career networking.

Alumni Corporation Board of Directors

  • President: Keith McAdoo, ’90
  • Vice President: Vacant
  • Secretary: Nick Strelke, ’15
  • Treasurer: Jon Hess, ’00
  • Alpha’s #1: Jason Brovich, ’19
  • Alpha’s Immediate Past #1: Harry Guo, ’18
  • Alpha Faculty Advisor: Michael R. Gustafson II, ’93
  • Director: Tym Blanchard, ’10
  • Director: Mike Kosusko, Ξ ’77, ΣΔ H’89
  • Director: Bryan Fleming, ’09
  • Director: Nick Taylor, ΠΔ ’14
  • Past Directors: Presidents (Brett Pettigrew, ’01; Jeff Messner, ’00; Nick Superina, ’03, Bryan Fleming, ’09), Vice Presidents (Jim Lazarus, ’01; Adam Lisook, ’99; Andrew Portnoy, ’04, Greg Caiola, ’09, Steve Ritchie, ’90), Secretaries (Dave Jordan, ’98; Greg Hasbrouck, ’01; David Mitteness, ’09; Brian Gold, ’11), Other Directors (Dave Nigro, ’01; Jake Cook, ’05; Greg Hasbrouck, ’01; Jeff Burlin, ’05, Jeff Messner, ’00)

To see the Corporation’s Bylaws, click here.

Official Alumni Email Lists and Facebook Group

The Alumni Corporation administers 2 alumni email lists: Lodge Alums and Lodge Talk. Lodge Alums is for official announcements only and Lodge Talk is for all kinds of discussions.  In addition, the Alumni Corporation has a Facebook group for all alumni of the Alpha to interact. To subscribe to any of these listservs or be added to the Facebook group, please contact Brian Gold.

Alumni Directory

All of our alumni records are maintained through Duke University’s online Alumni Directory.  Please be sure to update your contact information here.

Alumni Dues

Information on alumni dues, including a donation link, can be found here.

Dr. Dale Foundation

Information on the Dr. Dale Foundation, including a donation link, can be found here.

Beginning in Fall of 2017, we will be posting our newsletter, The Traditional, here!