Chi Psi at Duke

Fraternities have been a part of Duke campus life since the late nineteenth century. Nearly 38 percent of Duke men affiliate themselves with one of the fraternities officially recognized by the University. Even for those who remain independent, Duke Greeks are often a prime source of social life on campus.

The popularity of the Greek way at Duke, however, is not without its flaws. Some freshman initially interested in rushing became disillusioned and alienated by the overwhelming process, and they declined pursuing Greek affiliation. In the fall of 1986, six Duke freshman took issue with the problems of the Duke Greek system and created their own Brotherhood. These men became the founders of Alpha Sigma Delta.

Steven Dale Ritchie, ’90
Michael Todd Loose, ’90
Kevin Paul Lenox, ’90
Donald Jeffrey Ray, ’90
William Frederick Walker, ’90
Andrew Kenneth Jones, ’90

The future of Alpha Sigma Delta looks extremely encouraging. The Alpha looks forward to being an even more positive influence on the Duke and Durham communities.