Brothers (actives and alums) who are interested in applying for scholarships and fellowships in 2019 can keep updated on the Educational Trust pages for:

A link will be posted as soon as applications go live for 2019.

2018 scholarship and fellowship recipients include:

  • Jason Brovich, ΣΔ ‘19
  • Matthew Newman, ΣΔ ‘18
  • Sajidur Rahman-Kader, ΣΔ ‘20

2017 scholarship and fellowship recipients include:

  • Drew Cutshaw, ΣΔ ‘15
  • Harry Guo, ΣΔ ‘18
  • Benjamin Africk, ΣΔ ‘17

2016 scholarships and fellowships include:

  • Nicholas Stephen Andrade, ΣΔ ’16, is a recent Duke University summa cum laude graduate with Distinction in Neuroscience with a minor in Chemistry and a certificate in Child Policy Research. Nicholas completed a yearlong independent research project in the Bilbo Developmental Neuroimmunology Lab. On campus, he served as a Senator for Duke Student Government and as an Academic Advising Center Peer Advisor. He served as secretary of Duke’s Best Buddies club and volunteered weekly at the Duke Cancer Center as part of the Cancer Patient Support Program. Nick earned the Hank and Nancy Bartels Fellowship.
  • Benjamin Nathan Africk, ΣΔ ’17, is pursuing a B.S. in neuroscience with biology and history minors at Duke University. He worked as an analyst in the Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center and volunteers at the Duke Cancer Center in the Living Histories Program, which interviews patients about their lives and interests to provide information outside of medical data already acquired by hospital staff. Benjamin was also active in campus life, serving as the President of the Jewish Student Union and a university tour guide on behalf of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Ben was awarded one of the David R. Dunlop Scholarships. “This scholarship was created in 2013 through a gift from Brother and Mrs. Henry E. Bartels, P ’45, Ψ ’48, to honor Dave Dunlop, Ψ ’59, a longtime Fraternity volunteer and the dean of America’s university advancement professionals.”
  • Michael Lawson Laskowitz, ΣΔ ’17, is biology major with a pharmacology concentration at Duke University. He serves as vice president of Duke’s pre-pharmacy union, where he organizes informational pre-health career sessions for first and second-year undergrads. He is also an active member of Duke’s Medical Brigade Club, with whom he has traveled to rural parts of Panama and Honduras to set up free medical and dental clinics that provide health care for those with otherwise limited access. Michael has worked as a lab assistant with Dr. Matthias Gromeier, whose revolutionary brain cancer research was featured on Sixty Minutes last year. Michael was also awarded one of the David R. Dunlop Scholarships.
  • Brendon Kyle Colbert, ΣΔ ’16, received his B.S. in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering from Duke University. He served as a TA for several courses, as well as Co-Chair of the Undergraduate Conduct Board and Director of Duke Bioscience and Engineering Camp. Brendon will attend graduate school at Arizona State University and research computer learning and the immune system, which will
    potentially allow us to better understand and model how the immune system works and functions. Brendon was awarded the Edmund W. Littlefield Fellowship.
  • Paul David Shaver, ΣΔ ’17, is a political science and chemistry major at Duke University. This spring, he participated in the Duke in DC Semester Study Abroad program, completing an internship at the Milken Institute and a Deloitte Veterans Affairs consulting project. He has served as a teaching assistant and a research assistant in the Duke Chemistry Department. As an aspiring physician, Paul volunteers at the Duke Hospital’s Cancer Center and has held leadership positions in the Duke Disability Alliance and the local chapter of National Health Occupation Students of America. Paul was awarded the Clifford H. Williams Scholarship.

In 2015, seven brothers of Chi Psi at Duke were awarded scholarships and fellowships from the Chi Psi Educational Trust; the full list of all 45 scholarship and fellowship winners was published in an article entitled, “Trust 2015 Scholarship and Fellowship Recipients Announced,” from which the descriptions below were taken.

  • Nick Andrade, Σ∆ ’16, studies neuroscience. At Duke, Andrade is Senator for Durham and Regional Affairs for the Duke Student Government Senate and has also served on the organization’s Financial Oversight and Appeals Committee. He has served as a Peer Advisor at Duke Academic Advising Center and volunteers for Duke Patient Support Program, Scholars to College Tutoring, Duke Best Buddies and Duke NeuroCare. He is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa Society. Nick was awarded one of six David R. Dunlop Scholarships. “This scholarship was created in 2013 through a gift from Brother and Mrs. Henry E. Bartels, P ’45, Ψ ’48, to honor Dave Dunlop, Ψ ’59, a longtime Fraternity volunteer and the dean of America’s university advancement professionals.”
  • Marcus Coleman, Σ∆ ‘15, is pursuing a M.Eng. in biomedical engineering from Duke University where he previously earned a B.S.E. in biomedical engineering. He is a Founder and Partner at CBB Orthodics, a student-run biomedical device startup company which has received funding from the National Institutes of Health R25 Grant and the Duke BME Clinical Practicum program. CBB Orthodics is a member of DUHatch, Duke University’s business incubator, and entered in Round 2 of the Duke Startip Challenge. Coleman is a Research Assistant at Duke’s Neural Prosthetics Research Laboratory and a M.Eng. Fellow of Duke’s Neuro-Innovations Program. Marcus was awarded one of three Thomas H. Brown Scholarships.
    “After receiving its largest ever bequest from the estate of Thomas H. Brown, E `66, The Chi Psi Educational Trust established the Tom Brown Memorial Scholarship in 2012. This year, three Tom Brown Memorial Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate Brothers who exhibit strong entrepreneurial spirit and achievement.”
  • Yitaek Hwang, Σ∆ ‘16, studies biomedical engineering and electrical and computer engineering. Hwang is Chief Engineer at ViFlex, LLC, a company that was started by two Washington University students in order to manufacture low-cost, adjustable glasses for organizations that distribute glasses in developing countries. The company’s third-generation prototype was featured at Clinton Global Initiative 2015. Hwang has worked as a Biomedical Technician in Moshi, Tanzania and a Research Assistant at Hille Lab at University of Washington. He is currently a Project Leader for Engineering World Health and a Build Team Coordinator for DukeMakers, Duke’s 3D printing organization. Yitaek was awarded one of three Thomas H. Brown Scholarships.
  • Cody Parrott, ΣΔ ’16, studies political science. The Sigma Delta #3 is a Class Representative and Chair of Academic Affairs for the Cardea Fellowship Program, and he has served as President of the Bell Tower Council. Parrot has worked as a Chemistry Tutor at the Duke Academic Advising Center, and he has volunteered in the Surgical Waiting Area of Duke University Medical Center. Cody was awarded one of six David R. Dunlop Scholarships.
  • Paul Skiba, Σ∆ ’16, studies neuroscience. He works as a Tutor for the Whittaker Psychiatric Residential Therapy Facility and has done research as part of the Howard Hughes Vertically Integrated Program, Howard Hughes Research Fellows Program and Launch into Education about Pharmacology Program. Skiba is a Duke Undergraduate Research Ambassador and Service Learning Facilitator, and he has served as Vice President and Co-President of the Duke Club Swimming Team. Paul was awarded one of six David R. Dunlop Scholarships.
  • Matt Straus, Σ∆ ‘12, plans to pursue an MBA in the fall. He previously earned a BS in mathematics from Duke University where he served Alpha Sigma Delta as #1. Straus has also served the Chi Psi Executive Council as an Undergraduate Representative. He is currently an Education Fellow for McKinsey & Company and previously worked as a Business Analyst for the company. Straus has been published in the Association of American Colleges and Universities Peer Review and the Contra Costa Times. Matt was awarded the James S. Campbell Scholarship. “The James S. Campbell Scholarship was created in 2003 by James S. Campbell, Ι ’48, to recognize students enrolled in their institution’s business program.”